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It occurred to me that some of my friends have me bookmarked at this blog rather than at the index. You might want to update your links to either tripmywire or straight to my current blog at lollipopvomit. Thanks!

This log will remain here until I feel like removing it, but further updates will cease. It’s been a fun ride, friends.


It’s been raining for the past few days. Unfortunately it’s not enough to help deter the drought headed our way.  It’s been pleasant to hear the rain beating down on our awning in the back yard.  There were two rainbows yesterday evening, and before that it was fascinating to see heavy showers falling in the sunlight.

2009 hasn’t been so easy, but I’m trying to focus on the good stuff. It’s difficult though… friends dealing with loved ones passing, siblings in the hospital, broken engagements, etc. I hope it gets better soon. It needs to get better.  I wish I knew how to make it better for everyone.

I will probably be archiving this blog in the near future. There are a few projects I’m in the midst, and I’ll be enlisting the help of a few friends to get these going.

A fresh start. Here’s to the future.


…in Boston. I’d post a picture but my camera battery is charging. -_-

So far: Wednesday – our plane went from SFO to Long Beach and we held there for four hours because our original 11 AM flight was cancelled and we ended up having to take the 7 AM flight, which meant Claresse and Ross had to take us to SFO at 4 AM. Alsom. Read the rest of this entry »

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Happy cinnamon chow-retriever(?) bearface

our tokens

It’s almost here…

“Listen to this oral velvet”:

On a different eargasmic take, check out one of Olga‘s tunes:

Find (ft. Shipwreck)


Things I Miss, Part Eleventeen, etc.

[ inspired by Shawn‘s list ]

  • riding in the passenger seat of Tiffany’s car
  • running down Bernal Hill and Mt. Davidson with Jennymaphur and Cinnamabon
  • wandering through the Presidio
  • spontaneous ferry rides
  • Mom’s breakfasts
  • Nina
  • Thursday Night Curry
  • being in a band, even if we didn’t get much done
  • when Lori’s Diner didn’t have sucktastic food
  • Daria and Invader Zim
  • eating at George’s Greek Cafe and Long Beach Cafe
  • The Allaways and JeezieChreezie
  • SGOC Brunch at Shore House
  • Chipotle & Starlight Karaoke nights
  • skateboarding to and from work
  • taking a bow onstage
  • Ocean Boulevard

Of course these kinds of lists are never final…

Tomorrow Read the rest of this entry »

My new favorite pens

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything with a good ol’ pen. The stuff I use at work, like our company’s ball point pens and some colored Papermate Profile pens are all OK for making notes and correcting invoices and whatnot. But when I need to write a letter or card or in a journal, I typically enjoy writing with something more smooth. I like the strokes to have a consistent flow. There are these $16+ pens at Mai Do that write with a nice fluid touch, but I wasn’t ready to drop that kind of money on a single pen.
Staedtler Triplus Finepoint These pens are awesome! They come in that handy little easel case, and they don’t take up a whole bunch of room in my backpack or messenger bag, or whatever I’m using to haul my crap to work. I like the way my penmanship looks when I use these; bank deposit slips actually look clean and concise as opposed to my ballpoint-pen scribbles. Plus, since my boss and I make notes all over our files, the different colors are way useful in differentiating who wrote what.

Thank you, Staedtler, for reaffirming my belief in knowing I’m not permanently tethered to the computer when it comes to illustrating my thoughts in print.

Hydrant splosion [video]

San Francisco, CA
Jessie St. hydrant hit by truck
(off 1st St. between Mission and Market)

Canon IXY Digital 900IS

and that’s how we know

This new layout doesn’t quite work with the two posts prior to this one, but I’ll change it when…ever.

Went to Lori’s Diner tonight before Celina’s interview. Something was lacking. Or maybe everything was leftover from lunch. My garlic fries were soggy. My grilled cheese was alright, but something tasted…off. I can’t really describe it. At least my frosted root beer was delicious.

Work is going well. Should have more updates soon.

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